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We believe that 50% of an international project’s success is correct information to reduce the mistakes and reworks, and 50% is planned action and cooperative management to define a path and set the correct speed required to the realizing goals.




Internationalization consulting


  • Immersion and studies of viability with needed adjustment outlined and existing obstacles 

  • Market research, brand placement and curation 

  • Sketch of dream project to outline of real project and strategic plan

  • Execution planning

  • Implementation

  • Temporary management 

  • International division cooperate and management of partners and third-parties.

  • Network and connection to B2B and B2C market

Service consulting


  • Company, brand and product registration

  • Exporting and importing, stocking and logistics

  • App for sales trial and curation of products

  • Strategic content production- image and lifestyle

  • Cooperated posts, co-branding and partnerships 

  • Social network boost, proactive and reactive social media and performance and engagement monitoring

  • Expertise in strategic collaboration with nano, micro and maxi influencers

  • Collection development and creation, catalogues and lookbooks




We are SKEP360! We are a protective capsule for brands, products and companies from South and Central America who want to enter the American Market with the goal of accessing the Global Market.

Our founders Geani Guarconi and Liandra Salles have decades of experience in different areas of the fashion industry. They noticed the difficulties Latin brands were having while attempting to expand internationally, so they created SKEP360.

With over 30 years of experience in executive production and project management in the fields of events, fashion and public relations, Geani’s last decade was focused on building and expanding Brazilian companies’ relationships within new markets, cultures and clients in Miami. Geani also supervised projects of internationalization of Brazilian brands in the USA.

On the creative side, Liandra was working with brands in São Paulo and Florida as a stylist, creative director and image consultant. Developing their concept and visual language, she also outlined individualized strategies for brand introduction to new markets through catalogues, lookbooks, collections, social media content, campaigns, etc.

With their expertise, Geani and Liandra have been able to create a one-stop-shop for all internationalization needs. Through SKEP360, they are able to assist and guide brands who want to start imagining what their expansion will look like and help them bring it to fruition.





International business consultant and product strategist


With a career of over 28 years in management and executive production of projects in the areas of fashion, events and public relations, Geani Guarçoni brings the necessary expertise to projects of internationalization of companies, brands and products in the fashion, beauty and luxury fields within the American Market.

With experience in B2B and B2C relationship building projects, Geani Guarçoni has worked for over 12 years directly in fashion and for over 10 she has had the opportunity of working with corporate and entertainment events. Over the last 9 years in Miami, not only has she worked on various projects, she has also taken advantage of this change to improve her knowledge, through the eyes of passionate observer that she is, of relationships and relation building with other cultures, markets, clients, consumers, local habits, global influences, etc.

Geani had the opportunity to apply and utilize all that she has learned over time in the last two years in a project of internationalization, implementation and temporary management of the Brazilian brand Jorge Bischoff in the American Market.

Geani is by nature a multitasker; she is passionate about doing, making things happen, and seeing ideas and projects grow into successful and prosperous ventures.



Stylists, image consultant and creative director


Stylist, creative director and image consultant, Liandra works with the individuality and originality above any trends. With a tasteful eye of someone who’s been in the fashion market for over 15 years, she works with the concept and style development of brands and products with precision and creativity.


With a Business and Administration degree with a specialization in fashion by renowned institutions, she’s acquired the professional knowledge to develop and outline individualized and assertive strategies for brands, respecting their DNA, but focusing in results in the competitive American market. Liandra has worked in the planning, creation and development of catalogues, lookbooks and collections as well as  social media content, advertising campaigns, visual identity creation, etc…


She is a columnist in one of the most important Brazilian magazines in Florida, guaranteeing access to various methods of communications and to the required network for any brand in interested in entering the international market.





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