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To whom it may concern:



This letter confirms that I will take full responsibility for all samples during the loan, and will return all items within the scheduled date/time to the SKEP ROOM at 7411 Biscayne Blvd., #103 - Miami - 33138 - USA


Credit on the page must be listed for all items photographed.  When posting on social media, the tags @theskeproom, @skep360 and designer handles must be included.


Photos must be provided if items have been worn or have been posted by celebrities and THE SKEP ROOM must be notified when editorials have been posted.


@theskeproom, @skep360 and the designers, reserve the right to share credited content online and across media platforms.  Additional Notes:


Please note that these samples are shipped under our current terms and conditions. You are entirely responsible for returning them in the condition provided.  This includes returning the items in the original garment bags and hangers in which they were received.


ALL CHANGES must be pre-approved and agreed upon by SKEP ROOM (SKEP ROOM cannot and will not cover the cost of changes).


The list provided below outlines the additional fees that will be charged to the Stylist.  All additional fees will be due from the Stylist to the SKEP ROOM upon receipt of the garments, or after sufficient efforts have been made to collect the garments.  Calculations of additional fees for damaged garments will be made on an individual basis, based on the SKEP ROOM's assessment of the extent of the damage.


Late fees will begin accruing the day after the agreed upon return date.  Any pull or item from a pull that is returned late will be charged an additional NO EXCEPTIONS fee.  Your card will be charged for any late fees incurred.


Dry cleaning charges will be charged to the credit card on file for used or soiled clothing ($30 cleaning fee per item) if it is not dry cleaned upon return to the SKEP ROOM.


The call to announce that you will not be late in any way waves any late fee.


The waiver of any part of this agreement in no way negates any other section of this agreement.


No other agreement, oral, purported, implied or otherwise, in ANY form or manner, and shall not, for any reason, void ANY section of the SKEP ROOM contract and paperwork.



Fine Jewelry Terms and Conditions: 


Regardless of the amount of fine jewelry pieces pulled, SKEP360 has the authority to suspend the credit card provided in the amount of $1,000.00.


Minimum/Total Damages: Total retail price of the garment


All items must be returned in original garment bags, cloth bags and dust bags. A $10.00 fee will be charged per garment not returned, tote, and dust bags.


Late fees: $50.00 per day (first charge starting 1 day after the agreed upon return date).


By accepting these items for loan and providing us with your credit card information and personal information, you are authorizing THE SKEP ROOM to charge your credit card for all balances due.  All balances due to THE SKEP ROOM will be charged immediately.  If completing the online pull sheet, please attach photos of both valid ID and valid CC.

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